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Meet Tucker

Tucker was rescued from Chittenden Humane Society here in Burlington, Vermont.  Like most rescues, Tucker is easy to be loved, but also has a few quirks and specific needs.  Lazy Bones became a “thing” when we realized how much of an impact CBD made on Tucker’s day-to-day. Linnae began making small batches weekly to aide his anxiety with visitors, car rides, other dogs and just hanging out in the house.  Now, with Lazy Bones full-spectrum CBD oil infused treats, his little tiny ears and big heart are made to stand out as his anxiety is put to bay.  This all makes for a happier Tucker, who enjoys being on trails, running with his mom, and curling up by the pellet stove after a long day.

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All Natural

Simple Ingredients

We only use ingredients you know and can pronounce. No preservatives, fillers, soy, dairy, or animal products are used. With just six ingredients or less, what’s not to love?

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Quality Assurance

In the best interest of transparency we want you to know exactly what’s in the treats we make for your pets.  Click here to see our most recent Certificates of Analysis for the CBD in your treats!

Made In Vermont

Supporting Local Farmers

As a small business, we strive to support other small businesses in our wake.  That’s why we repurpose brown bananas otherwise destined for the compost pile, shred organic carrots from small Vermont farmer’s (Jericho Settler’s Farm, Pete’s Greens, etc.), and infuse each treat with organic CBD oil from Lily Hill.  The owners of Lily Hill grow and harvest all of their own product right here in Vermont, before hand making small batches in their FDA approved facility. All Lily Hill CBD is quality tested to ensure its safety and efficacy of the product.  In fact, all CBD used in Lazy Bone’s treats have been specifically formulated for us by Lily Hill!  Check out our Certificate of Analysis HERE

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Our Products

Our Products

Hand-scooped right in Waterbury, Vermont and made with six ingredients or less.  Real food, made with real food.  Check out what we’ve got in store!

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